Wealthy vs Poor and Middle Class Mindset: Which One Are You?

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In this world, there are two kinds of people. People who are wealthy, and people who are poor. But how can you describe if you are having a rich mindset or poor and middle-class mindset? It’s quite simple. You may know if you’re having that kind of mindset based on the way you think in a certain event or aspect of life. In other words, people with wealthy mindset are way different and successful than being a poor or middle-class thinker.

But hey, I am not against the poor or middle class people here, I respect on what you guys been through. But I am just telling you about the reality of our world today. If you are happy and contented right now, so be it. However, if you think that you’re not yet satisfied on what you have now, and if you want to leave a better legacy to the next generation and so on, it’s time for you to change your mindset into a wealthy one, even if you’re not wealthy yet now.

Here are some few examples between a poor & middle-class minded person and a wealthy-minded person:

Poor and Middle-Class Mindset: I can’t afford it.

Wealthy Mindset: How can I afford it?


Poor and Middle-Class Mindset: I already knew that. No need to learn.

Wealthy Mindset:I might know the topic, but I wanna learn more.


Poor and Middle-Class Mindset: I can’t do it. It’s too difficult.

Wealthy Mindset:It might be difficult but I’m gonna do whatever it takes.


Poor and Middle-Class Mindset: I don’t have money. Maybe it’s not for me anyway.

Wealthy Mindset:Even if I don’t have money, I’ll find a way.


Poor and Middle-Class Mindset: I have no time for that. I’m busy most of the week.

Wealthy Mindset:I’ll do whatever it takes to spend time with that, even if I have limited time.


Poor and Middle-Class Mindset: It’s too risky.

Wealthy Mindset:I’ll manage my risks.


Poor and Middle-Class Mindset: I’m contented and satisfied with what I have. I don’t need more than that. Period.

Wealthy Mindset:I’m looking for more than being contented and satisfied with what I currently have.

To compliment my examples above, I have found this image on Google months ago which was stored on my Facebook account that really makes sense to all of us. I forgot who is the source in which I can’t find it on Google anymore (or maybe I didn’t broaden it), but I’ll give credit to the true owner of this image below.


Listen, not all people are going to be wealthy, and we can’t let them all become rich in the first place…

Imagine a world full of rich people and no poor or middle class ones. Certainly there will be no doctors and nurses to serve us in the hospital. There will be no construction workers to build new malls and buildings for us. There will be no chefs and waiters who cooks and serve us delicious foods. There will be no teachers who can educate the children. There will be no engineers and mechanics who design and create fabulous cars that we drive.

Lastly, businesses won’t exist without employees and self-employed people who are classified as poor and middle-class people, and we still thank and value their efforts despite helping businessmen and investors to become successful. It’s just that we can’t escape the reality between the poor, middle-class and wealthy people.

If you choose to become wealthy, just be humble and grateful for everything…

As what the image shows us, it depends on how we accept this to our current situation. In the end, it’s either we’re going to accept and stay poor….or we accept, learn and transition ourselves into wealthy-minded people.

The choice is yours. To your success and good luck!



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