#ViddyDay 1: Why Your “WHY” Should Be Bigger Than Your Fear

April 9th, 2017  by 
April 9th, 2017  by 
April 9th, 2017  by 
April 9th, 2017  by 
April 9th, 2017  by 

Ok, ok, ok, after a long hiatus, I’m freakin’ back as a blogger….and a vlogger!

What’s up freaks? If you still remember who I am before, you may know me as a boring guy that results to your attention span getting shorter and shorter. My videos about internet marketing, video marketing, affiliate marketing were way, way, way, way gone right now!

I’ve freakin’ deleted those crap videos of mine years ago and may never ever recover again.

I was busy doing stuff for my clients lately, and I can’t find to do something that keeps knocking on my head. You know one thing that whispers and keeps knocking on my head each day to get back and do this stupid thing? It’s blogging and vlogging!

Yes, yes, yes, that’s right freaks! Blogging and vlogging are one of the things I want to do for my life.

However, the thing is that when I was doing both blogging and vlogging at the same time, I didn’t get many results no matter how much spare time I have spent to make a difference. As a result, I stopped blogging and vlogging immediately.

For several years, I lived in fear doing blogs and vlogs again.

I fear to be embarrassed. I fear that someone would make fun of what I’ve been doing. I fear that my family and friends would think that I’m crazy and have no future of what I really love doing. I fear of someone criticizing and tell me that it’s impossible. And so much more!

However, one day something struck me like a lightning bolt!

You know what that is? It’s just one simple word, and that is my “WHY”. I’ve asked myself, “Why would I want to blog and vlog? Why should I do this?”. I just realized that when my “WHY” is bigger than the ones I feared most, I could overcome that. As a result, it’s where I decided to get back to blogging and vlogging without second thoughts.

And this time, you’re going to see the new freakin’ ME (only for those who knew my boring side before)!

Let me ask you a question, my freakin’ friend. What is your deepest “WHY” in life? Why would you want to do that every single day? Why are you so excited about doing that? Listen, in life, we have struggled many times. I do struggle until now, but I keep fighting to overcome that by reminding myself of my deepest “WHY”.

Let me know what you think about my first #ViddyDay. I welcome all positive and negative comments. Your comments would only help me improve what I’m doing, even the negative ones. Curse, laugh, doubt and embarrass me all you want, I don’t give a damn about that. It’ll only help me become a stronger and better person than before.

Have a nice day freaks! 



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