How To Keep Going When No One Believes In You?

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Have you ever experienced that you wanted to pursue a career but no one believes that you can do it? Have you ever experienced that you wanted to start a business but no one supports you? Have you ever experienced that you have gave all you got but no one recognizes you?

No matter if it’s all about relationships, business or any kind of opportunity that you are in, expect that there’s something that stops you from keep going. One thing that could stop you from keep going towards your dreams or goals is that no one believes in you. I understand what you guys felt if you had that experience, because I was there too. I admit that I have relationship problems with my family, relatives, friends, classmates, business partners and so on. But one thing that matters most is that I overcome them and I learned a lot to become a better person to them.

But there are some people that no matter if I want to prove something to them, they never believed in me. They don’t even support me or recognized my effort, because they are still criticizing on who I am in the past. Again, I understand them. Although I remain my good relationship to them even if they don’t believe in me, I keep going. At the end of the day, your outcome will determine who are you going to listen. If you listen to those people who discouraged and not believing you, eventually you will end up like them who live the life they had. But if you listen to those people who believe and encouraging you, there’s no doubt that you are going to become successful one day. One way is to keep going no matter how hard it is. If anyone can do it, so do you.

Anyway, here are some tips that could help you keep going even if no one believes in you:

1. Increase your value

The first thing that you need to do is to increase your own value. The reason that you need to increase your value is because to prove to everyone that you are worthy. One of the reasons that some people do not believe, support and recognizes your effort is because of the kind of value that you are showing to them. Maybe you are not yet being looked up or respected, so it is time to do something about it. All you have to do is to simply assess what you are doing now, and adjust in order to become a better person and to make them value you once and for all.

Let me give you an example on why value really matters. Imagine a guy who holds a $500 bill and ask if you wanna take it or not. Of course, you’ll take it because it’s money. But what if the guy crumples it, stomp it to the ground and picked it up, would you still take it? Of course, it’s a yes! You know why? It’s because you have seen that value of the $500 bill. The same thing goes to yourself that you should increase your value towards other people.

Try to improve yourself no matter what kind of life aspect are you in now, and one day they will recognize your value.

2. Attract Positive Things

It is important that we should learn how to attract something positive. You can learn more from that by reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. You can watch it on Youtube for free as well. Most of us agree that our thoughts can become real. For example, if you think that you cannot pass the test, the result would be real. However, if you are going to attract it the other way around, it will happen even if its impossible for you.

“Either if you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

Positiveness is one of your fuels towards success in all aspects of life. All you have to do is to think and attract something positive even if you are having problems and concerns in yourself. Once you do this on a consistent basis, you will easily forget worrying about anything that comes into your life, and you may receive blessings even without any expectations.

3. Always be grateful

Gratefulness is something that you should be doing everyday. Instead of complaining, you should be grateful for what you have. For example, you only have $100 in your wallet right now. You just have to be grateful for the $100 that you have right now. People who are not grateful are worried about their financial status. As a result, they are attracting it, and they may end up like that. However, if you are grateful for what you have now, you will end up getting more than what you expect.

But not only you should be grateful about money though, you can be grateful for everything surrounds you. Let me share to you what I am grateful for,. Everyday, I spend few minutes of my time being grateful for what I have. I say this to myself:

“I am grateful for waking up early today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“I am grateful for my house helpers who cooked our breakfast for today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“I am grateful for the money that is left in my wallet now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“I am grateful for my parents who never stop loving me despite circumstances in life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“I am grateful for my wonderful friends who never stop believing in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

And so on…..

I don’t know what you have right now, but at least you had an idea on what should you be grateful for. Do this on a consistent basis, and it may keep you going towards success in life.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

One of the reasons why I keep myself going even if no one believes in me, is to surround myself with positive people. But how would you know if that person or a group can give you positiveness in life?

You should look for a person or a group who can:

* Believes in you
* Supports you
* Gives value to you
* Encourages you
* Makes you feel like a winner
* Gives positive advice

But in case that your family members and close friends are having negative thoughts about you, just don’t close the doors for them. You still need to maintain a good relationship to them. However, don’t spend too much time with them who are showering you with negative things. Look for a person or a group who have positive attitude and thinking. Once you spend more time with them, eventually you will learn and take action a lot to work for your goals or dreams in life.

5. Never give up

This is one of the most important things that you should have for now, and that is to never give up. No matter how hard it is, there’s no turning back, and you can’t give up for that. Giving up on something is just like you have given up on your dreams and goals in life. If you give up, you aren’t proving anything to them who doesn’t believe in you. Not only that, your life will remain the same.

However, if you keep yourself going despite the hard trials and challenges, you’ll get there and one day you’ll succeed. A good example of this tip is no other than the McDonald’s owner himself, Ray Kroc. He bought the exclusive rights of McDonald’s to the two brothers who originally own this company. Ray Kroc strive hard to work for almost ten years without profit to make McDonald’s world famous. You know what? Some of the people don’t believe in him, because they say that it’s impossible and may end up with nothing. But does it stop him? Absolutely not. If Ray Kroc did give up, probably this restaurant don’t exist anymore. Due to his vision and determination to keep going in making this a success, right now you can see McDonald’s franchise every town, city, state in so many countries worldwide. If he can do this, so can you, as long you believe. You just need to have an idea and take action of it seriously.

These are the five tips that could help you keep going even if no one believes in you. You have a dream? You have a goal in life? You’ve got to keep working for it. You’ve got to keep going no matter what. How can you become successful if you keep making excuses? You should always find a way to make it work. We know it’s hard and challenging, but we have no choice but to keep going. For those people who doubted you, serve it as a motivation that will keep you going even if the progress is slow. Just keep going!



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