How Brendon Burchard’s The Millionaire Messenger Book Helped Me Get Back On Track

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I believe that everything has a perfect timing and real purpose in life…

I have been inactive in blogging for a very long time. I used to start blogging back in 2009, and my topic was about affiliate marketing, making money online, and other fun stuff. I did made few affiliate commissions from the products that I promoted back then. However, it didn’t last long because my income wasn’t consistent. So I just gave up blogging and let my website hanging until I decided not to continue with my hosting. But I still maintain my own domain name, because it’s my name and I won’t let others take it away from me.

The first time I heard about Brendon Burchard was from my friend who shared few videos to me about him, and I started to watch them when I have time because I’m inspired and learned a lot from him. Last year, I bought Brendon Burchard’s book The Millionaire Messenger. Actually, I bought two of them, one for me and one for my cousin. The reason that I bought the Millionaire Messenger to my cousin is because I’ve seen him grown. He developed his personality, spiritual growth, life perspective, mindset about reality and his attitude on how success really works. So I valued him and bought another copy for him. Right now, I’ve seen him grown as a leader and a person, more than what I’ve expected, but he’s still learning and getting there to showcase his true potential.I did bought the book, but I never read it because I was too focused more on online stuff. I was so focused in my inconsistent online work as data entry specialist, article writer and content manager, until now I am still doing this. I also belong to a huge group (which I called second family) of people with different professions who had big dreams and goals in their lives, in which we gather every Monday and Saturday evening for our group’s night class. The subjects being taught by the speakers are all about our goals and dreams, and how to get it step-by-step.

But something happened, which I describe to be one of the worse experiences of all time…

I admit that I had financial problems starting late of June 2015. I was being scammed by an Indian and my Paypal account was on a big negative balance due to suspicious transactions which I am not aware of, and I was a victim. To me, this was the worse decision I’ve ever done in my life. This experience gave me so much stress and loss of hope, and I began to gave up. I almost had zero balance in my account, and I started to sell and give up the things I love just to survive. For almost a month, I never attended bible study sessions. I didn’t show up to my “second family”. I started to go back to my old habits such as playing computer games all day, drinking alcohol, say something negative to myself and my best friend, forgetting my dreams and goals in life, and I never go to church and blaming God for what happened to me. In other words, I almost lost it all. I tried to go back blogging, but I almost had no money left to buy hosting. I did make little money from on-call clients, but again I was struggling and it wasn’t consistent at all. I tried to read motivational books and quotes to refresh my mind (I even tried to read The Millionaire Messenger), but I wasn’t motivated to read books anymore.

The negative side within me was in complete control, until one extraordinary friend came to me…

I was at a local hub drinking milk tea, until one of my friends who belonged in the “second family” saw me and decided to sit with me. I didn’t expect that he tried to open my mind and shed me some light and regain my spiritual growth towards God and my future again. I thanked him for that and I was reunited with the second family. But here’s the truth. Even though that I am reunited with them, I was still struggling to get back to my happy, exciting and true potential form. Even if they saw me happy and energized right in front of them, but deep inside me was crying, sadness and in despair because I was still being controlled by fear, doubt and worry. Because of that, I almost lost myself again.

Sometimes I attend their night class, sometimes not. I wasn’t passionate anymore to be with them, and I was beginning to separate once again from them slowly and quietly. Even though I was blessed to have a long term online client, my earnings are little and not consistent. Life is not easy, and it’s full of trials, challenges, obstacles and rejections to be encountered. It’s hard to deal with these issues, it’s either to give up or learn and try again. I even asked God on what is my true calling, and what’s most deserving for me. One day, my instincts tell me that I should try read Brendon Burchard’s The Millionaire Messenger book. So despite all the distractions and struggles, I decided to read it slowly and surely. You know what? This book made me realized that I still have a great future ahead, and this book really opened my eyes. It convinced me to live my goals and dreams again.

Because of The Millionaire Messenger book, I have found a new career to get back on track again…

Despite having less money, this book made me buy a better and affordable web hosting. As a result, my blog was resurrected from the shelf. But this time, it’s not about true intention to share something in order for me to make money from your purchases. As what the book taught me, this time I would share my own voice to help and inspire people around the world. All I can say is that this book changed my life now, and it gives me the direction towards success. To summarize, The Millionaire Messenger is all about how you become a millionaire by just sharing your voice to others and let them inspire to do the same. The book is just over 150 pages, and he gives you straight and simple information on how we can make a great living and become millionaires by just sharing our message to others. This book is very helpful for me, because it’s what I considered a turning point in my life. If this helped me today and more days, weeks and years to come, I’m sure this would do the same thing to you as well. I would strongly recommend you to have a copy of this book, it’s going to help change your life.

I thank Brendon Burchard for releasing this book. I don’t know what direction am I going without The Millionaire Messenger. I’m sure that once you finished reading this book, you’ll realize something and you’ll be thanking him as well. If you wanna change your life starting today, I encourage you to grab a copy of his book now.

You can buy his book here. You can also find this in your local bookstores within your area, it’s really affordable.

Visit Brendon Burchard’s official website here. Once you visited his website and sign up for his free training program, you can get his brand new book “The Motivation Manifesto” for free!

Brendon Burchard also teaches us how to monetize our expertise and passions in just ten simple steps, that was used by several highest-paid coaches, trainers, speakers, authors and marketers worldwide. Sign up on Experts Academy here and watch Brendon Burchard’s free training video.

Like Brendon Burchard on Facebook.  Once you do that, get notified of his newest stuff like his motivational videos, quotes, etc., that could help you learn and take action no matter what life aspect do you have now.

I would also recommend that you should subscribe to him in Youtube. He has several videos there for you to learn, inspire and take action. Subscribe to Brendon Burchard’s Youtube channel here.

Disclosure: I was not paid nor asked by the author to promote him and review his book. I’m just sharing my own true experience on how The Millionaire Messenger helped me start all over again, and I’m posting this as a way of thanking him.



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