7 Must-Read Books That Could Change Your Life Financially

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Most of the schools, universities, academies or institutions are programming us to learn the basics like Math, English, Science and so on. In college courses, we are taught by our professors to practice the subjects on the course we choose until we graduate, and find a job which is related to the course we take. But I didn’t see them teach us about handling the finances well, how to get our big goals and dreams in life, how to become successful, and so on.

Although there’s nothing wrong with that, and I understand the programs of these schools and universities around the world. I give credit for them on what we learned about the basics in life. But here’s the truth. Not all of the subjects we learn can be applied in our real situations, and may not be a true key to our success in life. This is where various world-class authors are destined to share what they’ve learned about our life’s reality and how we can deal with it, especially in terms of financial aspects. Most of us are experiencing not only financial problems, but any other problems that we encounter in life.

I’m so thankful that these world-class authors have published their own books to help and educate people about money and success. I’m going to share these 7 books that you must read in order to change your entire financial state one day. No matter if you’re poor, middle-class, rich or wealthy, these books are going to help you out and it’s all worth it. I’ve personally read these books already, in which I highly recommend them for good.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


This is the first ever book that I bought for myself. I find this book very helpful for me, because it made me realize something about the life between the poor, middle-class and rich people.  This book published by world-class personal finance coach Robert T. Kiyosaki talks about his story back when he was young, in what he experienced and learned between his poor dad (his biological father) and rich dad (his best friend’s dad). In other words, this book talks about what the rich teaches us about money and success that the poor and middle-class do not. This is something that didn’t exist in schools and universities, and I’m so glad that we will learn all of this in this tiny powerful book. Not only this book help me learn more about money, but my friends also learned and realized as well. If Rich Dad Poor Dad helped me and my friends learned and realized something, it will do the same to you as well. This book is going to blow your mind away when it comes to reality.

Law of Leverage by Rane Pangilinan


Another book that helped me and my cousin change our perspective about money is Rane A. Pangilinan’s Law of Leverage book. Just like Robert Kiyosaki, he also teaches us the reality of our world today, and how can we become successful in a different kind of approach. While Rich Dad Poor Dad is more on story-telling on what he learns from the rich dad, the Law of Leverage unveils an effective system that teaches us to leverage our money well in a few years time. I was so blown away in reading this not just once, but few times already. But sometimes, I go back on this book to review something or to remind me of something. This is truly worth for anyone who wants to learn how to change their life financially in terms of leveraging their income exponentially.

For Richer and For Poorer by Chinkee Tan


Chinkee Tan’s For Richer & For Poorer is one of those books that help me change the way I think about myself and life’s perspective. You know why? It is because this book teaches us the difference between the poor and rich in terms of thinking and attitude, aside from their way of living. I totally agree that the reason why we live this kind of life, is because of the way we think and act of ourselves. I also let my friend borrow this book from me, and he eventually changed his mindset after reading this and returning it to me. For me, this is truly worth reading and I strongly recommend this one to you and the rest of the world, no matter what kind of life you have.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Even if his teachings are way old, it can still be applied on our era today. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the classic best-sellers in the world. This book teaches us on how to become rich or wealthy by just changing the way we think of what we’re doing to succeed. To tell you honestly, this is one of the best success books that I’ve ever read, and it’s totally worth it even if it was published a long time ago. This book claimed to change the lives of millions here in the world, until today. Originally published in 1937, Napoleon Hill’s practices on this book continues to be effective in all aspects of life, as long we absorb all what we’ve learned and take action of it. I highly recommend this one too.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham


At first, I really thought The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is just another book for those who trades in the stock market. But I realized that I was wrong, in which I have seen more than what I’ve expected. Actually I didn’t bought this book, but one of my friends let me borrow this one. I was totally blown away when reading this book. Originally published in 1949, this book teaches about value investing, and it really inspired me and others who bought his book from the beginning. His principles of value investing can still be applied for today’s digital era, and it also teaches us how to reach the financial goals that we ever wanted in life. For me, this book is truly worth reading in order for you to potentially change your entire financial situation to greatness.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.Harv Eker


For me, I think this is one of the best books I’ve ever read when it comes to the biggest secret of the millionaires. I was even surprised on how T. Harv Eker delivers his message through his book to us about the truth why some people are getting rich in an easy way, compare to others who are struggling financially. T. Harv Eker’s best-selling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is going to reveal and predict our financial future for the rest of our lives, by giving him only five minutes. He is doing this to identify our own personal money and success blueprint, that can really determine our financial future. Actually, this should be two books but combined into one. The first part of the book is talking on how money blueprint was done, and the second is all about how the rich act and think differently through its 17 wealth files. I really recommend this book to you and the rest!

Money Master The Game: 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins is one of the public figures that I’ve followed recently, and he’s considered one of my motivational coach and mentor like Brendon Burchard, Bob Proctor, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell, and a lot more. He had inspired millions of people around the world, and more than 4 million and counting are attending his live events just to be inspired and learn more on how he became successful and inspire people to do the same like him. His book, Money Master The Game: 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom, is one of the best personal finance books that I’ve ever read along with Rich Dad Poor Dad. He had interviewed several financial experts in the world like Warren Buffett, which results for him to create a simple 7-step game plan to be financially free in a few years. What I really like about Tony Robbins’ book is that he is pretty straightforward when it comes to taking action on what we’ve learned from this book. This is absolutely a phenomenal book and I highly recommend this one.

I know there are several books out there that I hadn’t mentioned yet, but for now I recommend these seven books that I’ve read and taken action. One of the common habits of successful people is to read at least two or more books a month, and apply what they’ve learned. Financial education books are really awesome these days, only that it was not included in the library of most schools and universities worldwide. These books are a great investment to your arsenal with their own reasonable prices. Don’t think of it as an expense, but think of it as an investment and you can get back more than what you’ve invested, once you learn and take action seriously of these books you read.

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