6 Reasons Why You Should Listen And Spend More Time With Positive People

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Most of the time, you are bombarded with negative things that makes you slow down, or preventing yourself to go further towards your dreams and goals in life. I know how you feel when it comes to negative things and words around you, because I was there too until today. Although I still appreciate, respect and maintain my relationship with the negative ones, it’s not worth to spend more time with them. You know why? The more you spend time with them, the more you are exposed with negativity. You expect that these negative people around you are going to reject, discourage, doubt and not believing whatever your purpose is. But it’s totally up to you, on how you respond to this situation. One way to do that is to surround yourself with the positive people. But how would you know if that person is really positive to you? And why would you spend more time with them compare to negative ones?

Here are the six reasons why you should spend more time with people who are having positive attitude:

Positive people are giving you encouragement

This is what most people really like most about positive people, even for myself. When negative people discourages you in doing something for your future, positive ones are doing the opposite. They are encouraging you no matter what you do, as long it has a good reason and purpose. To tell you my own experience, most of my life are full of discouragements since I was a kid until now. I have no friends back then who gives me true encouragement when it comes to succeeding in my life. But good thing that somebody introduced me to a group of positive people, in which I maintain spending more time with them. They never stop encourage me in doing something to reach my goals and dreams in life. The same thing goes to you. Surrounding yourself with positive people can give you more encouragement than ever.

Positive people praise you no matter what

A lot of times, you may be experiencing failures in your life. But what these negative people do is that they criticize you for it. Like for example, if you failed in an examination, the parents will likely get angry at you and give you punishment. Although that they’re still your parents, but they’re not perfect and so do you. But what you really need is somebody who believes in you no matter how many times you fail. A positive person does that. Instead of criticizing your failures, he or she praises you for the effort and need to improve. In that way, you feel good when somebody praises you even if you fail, in which you are motivated to do better.

Positive people believes in you in any circumstances

You need someone who believes in you no matter what circumstances you encounter in your life. For example, let’s say your basketball team was on a long losing streak. Your team’s fan base are starting to drop, and ticket prices are falling. Worse of all, most of the fans are starting to criticize and never believe that your team will make a difference. However, positive people will never do that to you. Instead, they will tell you that they still believe in your basketball team, even if it fails to win many times. Once you listen to these people who believe in you, it becomes a fuel for you to get better and score many victories. The same thing goes in all aspects of life. Positive people always believes in you, even if you haven’t proved yourself yet.

Positive people never doubted your potential

Doubt is always there as you go. People may doubt about your talent, your abilities, skills and potential, and may say that you’ll never get there and never succeed. But for those people who are positive, even if you are not yet into your highest potential, they never doubted about you. They’ll never doubt that you will succeed in all aspects of life. You need these people in order to continue your journey towards success, even if most negative people doubted you.

Positive people are your true friends

You may have a lot of friends right now, especially in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. To tell you honestly, I have so many friends on Facebook, but only few of them are my true friends. I consider positive people as true friends. You know why? They are the ones who really care, support, and encourage you to succeed no matter how slow your progress is, or even you may haven’t proved to them yet. If you have friends who doubted and criticized on what you’re doing, they’re not your true friends. Although you may still consider them as friends and maintain your relationship, you may not want to listen or hang out with them most of the time. You need to spend more time with people who are your true friends in life.

Positive people never gives up on you

It’s normal for people who quit on what they’ve been doing due to various reasons. Let’s say for example, you are in a business venture, and you are not gaining profit for more than two years. Some of your friends and close ones are starting to criticize your business and tells you to shut it down and go back to employment. But that’s not what positive people do to somebody like that. Instead, they can give you positive advice and encouragement on how to turn things around for your business, and to let it continue despite the losses you have. The same thing goes on what you currently do, no matter what life aspect do you have.

Since childhood, I have never encountered someone even my close ones who are having positive attitude. Until I have found a group whom I called my “second family”, I have learned a lot from them. I always listen to their positive advice or encouragement that can make me succeed in my life, no matter what I am in now. If these six reasons I’ve experienced from my positive friends helped me personally and spiritually, it would also help you on your own current situation. I find that these six reasons are going to let you start looking for people who are positive and give words of encouragement to you always. Once you have found one or a few, start learn, listen and spend more time with them.



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